3 Fantasies You Can Role Play With Lingerie In Canada

Whether you are in a relationship or not, you probably have sexual fantasies you’d love nothing more than to recreate. Fortunately for you, you can choose from any number of options of how safe, wild and erotic you want to relive your fantasies - and the best part, there are numerous lingerie to set the mood and give you the best time. If you’re unsure which fantasies to experiment on with different lingeries, here are but a few for you;

  • Exhibitionism
  • Gender-bending
  • Polyamory


This fantasy is when you live stream sexual acts, say on websites or zoom. You can also live record yourself masturbating or having sex with your partner. It’s all perfectly okay provided you’re loving it.

If you’re live recording, you have to set up a camera where it can capture all angles and voices. Then make sure the room is well lit for a clear and quality video. Next is the best part, where you get to wear your favourite Lingerie in Canada, like the G-string wine set to make your partner eager. From here on, you can seductively flirt with your partner or make out to build up to lovemaking. 

As you do all these, remember you’re also doing it for the camera. You can choose to pose for the camera or pretend it’s not even there - whatever tickles your fancy. The beauty of exhibitionism is that you can watch and rewatch your sex video as many times as you want. It can also serve as a salacious video for your and your partner to watch.


If you’ve ever wondered what the opposite gender feels like during erotic moments in the bedroom, this is the best sexual role play to enact. In essence, you switch roles with your partner. For instance, you can offer your partner a String-Back Fishnet Minidress Lingerie to make him comfortable if it’s your first-time gender-bending. Make sure to have toys like a strap-on dildo or a hand-held one to peg your partner.

On the other hand, you, the woman, can dress in a boxer or a brief and take up the role your boyfriend plays in the sheets. Whatever your frame, Lingerie in Canada has you covered with an array of bold petite and plus size lingerie in Canada. Use these options to look sexy and wanting in your fantasies.


Get your partner on the same page to act out your fantasy of a polyamoury relationship. This kind of sexual role play allows you to involve someone you’ve always had an attraction for without feeling like you’re cheating. Besides, it can be a one-off thing or a recurrent one depending on what you and your partner decide.

So, regardless if you’re doing it for the first time or 50th time, you need to dress to impress with gorgeous lingerie like the Bandeau Huntress 2pc black set, which is also a plus size lingerie in Canada. This piece is a sheer material with cutouts that’ll seduce anyone regardless of gender. Above all, your partners can strip it off you easily, making for an exciting and relaxed fantasy

Fantasies will always be fantasies until you live them, at which point they’ll be part of your sexual experiences. Try out these three fantasies with comfortable and diverse lingerie for a high appeal.

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