Adult Toy Care

The last thing that is likely to be on your mind straight after using an adult toy is jumping up to clean it. However, cleaning is a vital part of taking proper care of your adult toys. Indeed, keeping your glass dildos, vibrators, and other toys clean is important, both for hygiene and to prevent STDs, if you are sharing them with a partner. 

Although, to be able to clean your adult toys properly, you will need to choose the right type of cleaning products and methods, depending on the materials from which your toys are made. The good news is you can find out all about how to clean adult toys below. 

Top tips for cleaning all adult toys 

1. Use a cleaning spray or liquid. 

One of the most effective tips that will help you clean your adult toys properly is to find an alcohol spray or liquid designed specifically for this task. Many adult toy suppliers offer these, and some even come in the form of a cleansing wipe to make cleaning fast, easy and straightforward. 

2. Rinse with water.

No matter what soap or spray you use to clean off your adult toys, rinsing them in water after each use and cleaning is a smart idea. This is because soaps and other cleaning liquid can upset the PH level of the vagina. Also, rinsing in hot water will ensure that your toy is sterilised too, making it extra safe. 

3. Dry thoroughly. 

OK, so leaving your sex toys out to dry naturally in the bathroom may not be a possibility for everyone. However, it is vital that you make sure your toys are dry before you put them away. Otherwise, you could encourage bacterial or fungal growth. 

With that in mind, dry thoroughly with a clean towel or paper towel, and leave out as long as possible. Then put away your sex toys in a clean cloth bag or case to protect them (and you) from dust and germs. 

Tips for adult toys made from specific materials 

Silicone and glass toys

There are many toys on the market, such as the silicon vibrators from and glass dildos in Canada that are simple and easy to clean. In fact, to clean both silicon and glass toys, the best approach is to use mild soap. We do recommend steering clear of anything too harsh as it can cause irritation to sensitive areas the next time that the toy is used. 

Vinyl toys

Often vinyl toys can be a bit of a challenge to keep clean. With that in mind, using the tips above can help, and it's worth using a condom if sharing the toy with a partner. 

Toys that have a cable 

Toys that need to be plugged in or have a cable, like vibrators, often split into two groups. The first are ones that are created to be waterproof and can be submerged in water to be cleaned, while the second cannot be submerged. 

It is important to check which one type of toy you have before you begin cleaning, as submerging those that shouldn't be in water is dangerous and can stop the toy from functioning. With that in mind, for such toys, it is best to use the tips above but modified to cut out the parts where you submerge them in water. 

Remember, good sex toys are an investment, and you can be sure that taking care of them will mean you get plenty of safe and hygienic pleasure for years to come! 

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