How To Introduce Adult Sex Toys Into Your Relationship For Women

How To Introduce Adult Sex Toys Into Your Relationship For Women

Listen ladies, we all love a bit of fun in the bedroom, and who among us doesn’t like to let out our wild side once in a while?! When you’re in a relationship, sex is great, but sometimes you need to inject spontaneity and something a little bit different. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, and this is no different in the bedroom!

We could all use a bit of kink with our morning coffee, though not literally during, of course! And sex toys are a kinky, sexy way of spicing things up in the bedroom, and opening up other avenues of naughtiness. The thing is, we know the men in our lives can get a little uncomfortable, maybe even flustered at the mere mention of these toys. So, we thought we’d compile a guide for ladies trying to encourage their man to get a little freaky with them, and embrace sex toys in the relationship.

Communicate With Him

Sex, and relationships as a whole, are all about communication. They rest on how well partners communicate with one another, and this is the key to having the best possible sex life. Explain to your boyfriend or hubby that, yes, you still love him. And yes, you still find him sexually attractive. But ordering some adult sex toys for couples is about experimenting sexually, for both of you. It’s an inclusive step that you want to take together to give you a deeper connection, as well as great pleasure too.

Be Unapologetic About What You Like in Bed

One of the things a lot of us ladies struggle with is being open and unapologetic about what we like and want in bed. Being sexual is such an amazing thing, and being able to embrace your sexuality can make for pretty mind-blowing sex. But you need to be upfront with your partner about exactly what you want and like. And introducing adult sex toys for women into the relationship is somethig that is exciting and arousing, so you need to be clear about what you want here. 

Let Him Help You Choose

Another sexy idea that might help boyfriend/hubby warm to this idea a bit more is if he feels included, and you can achieve this by making sure you let him help you choose some toys that the two of you can order and play with together. Heading to is a great place to start, and these are some of the sexy stand out options you could be playing with in no time. 

  • Dildos

Whether it’s glass, rubber, or another material, it’s fair to say a dildo is the perfect example of glorious adult sex toys for women. It's important for your man to understand, this is not a comparison to him, rather a tool that he(and you) can use to give you optimum pleasure. 

  • Vibrators

Vibrators are a staple in our sexy arsenal, and this is something you want to get your man used to. Talk to him in detail about how hot it would be to use it on yourself whilst you two are going at it. The extra edge would enhance orgasm, which would mean more pleasure for the both of you.

  • Cock rings

It’s not just your lady parts that deserve stimulation, and cock rings can be a naughty and sexy way of stimulating your man’s hard-on, and the good news is that Sugar Cookie has the deliciously naughty Juke vibrating cock ring - check it out right now. 

Final Words on Sex Toys

There are an abundance of choices when you are looking at adult sex toys for couples, and these are a kinkly and sexy way of being able to improve the relationship and enhance your sex life. Make sure you and your partner discuss this in advance to make sure you choose the perfect sex toys to suit your needs and desires. 

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