The question "Who are we?" has more than one answer. We started as a joke actually!

The Spotlight

We are originally a nightclub event planning and coordination company. One thing that we love doing is bringing people together.  We sat down creating funny ideas of new nightclub event concepts that we could do. Although funny at the time, it paved the way for what now is Sugar Cookie. 

"The worst thing someone can do is compare themselves with others" - Sugar Cookie Customer

The Power of Apparel

While running events, the biggest question that we received was "what should I wear?" Our apparel is bold and statement making. While hearing many "I would so love to wear that but...." we knew there was something we had to do. We gathered a collection of apparel that is not only selfie worthy but puts you in the spotlight. If you haven't browsed us just yet, you'll find that we are body positive and will always remain that way. The best accessory you have will always be your mind, second your smile and whatever piece you wish to wear is just a 10% compliment to the already beautiful you.

"I don't have a man, I buy this sh*t for myself" - Sugar Cookie Customer

The Mission Founded in Sadness and Triumph

The unfortunate hardships of reality can bring a negative outlook but it was our choice to rise rather than fall. We witness a beautiful woman who was kind, loving and caring. She was with her partner who was mentally and physically abusive which left her feeling a way no one should experience. The face that she showed the world was one of hurt and sadness. Through out the years of enduring this, it was only with a dress and some make up, we saw her smile. It was the power of seeing herself differently in the mirror that gave her the medicine that she needed to see the confidence that was always within her. Unfortunately, she is no longer on this Earth. We will live her memory through our mission of ensuring that everyone find their confidence, finds their voice and not be afraid to step into the spotlight. 

"Lingerie has brought out this new person within me" - Sugar Cookie Customer

In the heart of what we do, we want all to be mentally and physically free from stigma and conformity. We want all humans to be the best they can be expressing themselves in the way they feel most comfortable. We wish to unlock and reprogram the “I can’t” to “I can and I will” - Here is to love, body positivity and being the beautiful person that you are!!