ROMP Shine Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator

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Tucking ten modes of Romp's now-famous gently sucking Pleasure Air technology into a sleek, travel friendly size, Shine sets you free to enjoy orgasm seeking adventures at home or away. Placing a special scooped silicone tip above a curvy, lightweight handle, Shine's petite shape is easy and comfortable to hold in just about any position. 

Making very, very pleasurable use of subtle suction, pulses of air and gentle pressure changes, the Pleasure Air sensation is almost indescribable, but we'll try! It's both less intense and more powerful, deeper and more targeted than vibration. To get swept away by Pleasure Air, place the soft silicone tip over your or your partner's clitoris or other external sweet spots. You may need to experiment a bit with positioning and pressure, but trust us, you'll know when you find The Spot!

Fully rechargeable, Shine powers up at any available USB port using an included magnetic charge cable. Just line up the magnets with corresponding points on the base to charge. Once fully powered up, Shine will run for about 45 continuous minutes.